European Jeepers Jamboree 2000





239 Jeeps were registered for the 15th European Jeepers Jamboree held in Sedan France from the 8th until the 12th of June 2000. On behalf of the Jeep Jamboree, the city of Sedan was renamed in Willyville.


The Jeeps came from 8 different European countries:

The Netherlands (115), Belgium (56), Germany (35), England (15), France (13), Italy (3), Scotland (1) and Switzerland (1).


About 1500 people (drivers, co-pilots, friends and family) came along with the Jeeps.

The following Jeep models were represented at the jamboree: Jeep Wrangler YJ (82), Jeep CJ-7 (81), Jeep CJ-5 (28), Jeep Wrangler TJ (12), Jeep M38A1 (8), Jeep Cherokee XJ (7), CJ-3 (6), Willy's MB (4), CJ-2 (2), Jeep CJ-6 (2), Jeep CJ-8 (2), Jeep Commanche (2), Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ (1), Jeep Wagoneer (1) and Jeepster Commando (1).


Some of the participants arrived on Monday the 5th of June with a lot of rain, but from Tuesday the weather cleared up and we had a jamboree by the book: mud down and sunshine up.



The Jeepers started Friday the 9th of June with the Mud-Cup 2000 and the Jeep-Trail 2000.

This year, the trials were designed and created by the Sangliers 4x4 from Sedan, our co-producers this year.


Mud-Cup 2000


1st Price: Bestop softtop won by Jean Pierre Joly #241 (YJ) from France.

2nd Price: Warn shocks won by Ron Huyen #094 (CJ-5) from The Netherlands.

3rd Price: Warn winch accessories kit won by Jérôme Rennié #011 (CJ-7) from France.


Jeep-Trail 2000



1st Price: Off-road lights from Dirk's 4x4 won by Stijn Maertens #152 (YJ) from The Netherlands.



1st Price: Bestop space module-set won by Marcus Unverzagt #080 (CJ-7) from Germany.

2nd Price: Hi-Lift jack (B&S Autoparts) won by Piet Sangers #004 (CJ-5) and R. v.d. Boogaard #051 (YJ) both from The Netherlands.

3rd Price: Off-road lights from Dirk's 4x4 won by Mr. Beimans #092 (YJ) from The Netherlands.



1st Price: Warn off-road lights won by Giulio Rebesco #188 (CJ-7) from Italy.

2nd Price: Off-road lights from Dirk's 4x4 won by E. Chandler #065 (CJ-5) from England.

3rd Price: Spotlights from Dirk's 4x4 won by Mike Monk #225 (TJ) from England.





The next day, Saturday the 10th of June, the Jeepers left for one of the two off-road trails. The trails of this year:

1.       The long west tour (more than 150 kilometers), called the Quarry-Trail because the tour started in a Quarry-mine.

2.     The shorter east tour (more than 70 kilometers) called the Hillock-Trail because the tour ended in the hills of Ferme de Soiry.



The last day, Sunday the 11th of June, all Jeepers drove the other trail, so everyone had all the best.





On the trails, the Jeepers had to drive the different Jeep-challenges, and on the Quarry-Trail the Black-Jeepers could do the Warn-Winch Challenge and on the Hillock-Trail every Jeeper could do the Puzzle.

The winning letters in the puzzle were for the Saturday: PEQU-ZYZTM, and for the Sunday: CUDT-YMARO


Jeep-Challenge 2000


The Jeep-challenges were sometimes hard to overcome, but at the end we had the following winners:

1st Price: Set of tires (B&S Autoparts) won by Barry Redman #197 (CJ-2A) from England.

2nd Price: Set of rims (B&S Autoparts) won by Jérôme Rennié #011 (CJ-7) from France.

3rd Price: Jeep chair won by Mike Monk #225 (TJ) from England.




Warn-Winch Challenge


Due to the dry weather and the very well performance of most Jeepers, the Warn-Winch Challenge looked more like a hill race, despite of all the digging and tricks we build in.

On Sunday, we managed to stop most of the Jeeps on the hill and we saw a lot of winches in action.


1st Price: Warn off-road lights won by Lorenzo Debels #184 (YJ) from Belgium.

2nd Price: Warn shocks won by J. Dam #104 (CJ-7) from The Netherlands.

3rd Price: Warn winch accessories kit won by C. de Jong #070 (CJ-7) from The Netherlands.


On Saturday and Sunday, in the big tent on camp Willyville, the Dutch Jeep-Jamboree Band Expresso played the stars from heaven and every night the campfires did not go out until the sun was shining.



Monday the 12th of June, most Jeepers hit the road again and they promised each other to meet again wherever the pavement ends.


The organisation, including the service team of ORB-Bochum by Marcus Doring and the winch service team of Wiegel BV from The Netherlands, can look back to a great and successful event and we would like to thank all participants for their good behavior.


As far as we are concerned, there is no obstacle for a 16th European Jeepers Jamboree next year.


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